How to love, nurture and protect your inner child.

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How to love, nurture and protect your inner child

How to talk with your inner child

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* Loving Your Inner Child

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That part is your Inner Child. She or he are very real, clever, tough, persistent but they also can work magic if you allow them to.

Working with your Inner child will help you recognise, embrace talk with love and above all learn to protect your younger parts including your inner child. But it’s not going to be all hard work. Lots of the time we will be celebrating the joy that comes with developing a stronger connection between your grown up self-aware side and your inner child. That means that there will be fun and games during the program because inner children like nothing more than being able to play with their aware grown-up self and with other Inner Children.

Making it “SAFE”

Inner children have a very strong sense of their own level of unprotected and un-parented vulnerability. That’s why there are two essential steps before you can begin to work with your younger parts including your inner child.

A. You need to have a conscious self-awareness of the authentic grown-up, self-aware part of you that you and your child both hoped and wanted you to become. This is the part of you who nees to be in charge of what we do here. This program is grown-ups work. If  inner children think they have organise and manage the process of growing up and becoming self-aware today it will only add to their worries.

B. Your inner child needs a “safe place” where they can feel free to be a child. The safe place must be shielded not only from other people but also from worries, responsibilities (including any responsibility to today’s outcomes) stress and above all fear.

Again, it is so important that your younger parts including your inner child do not feel that they have to create the safe place for themselves. When the grown up self-aware part creates the safe place this is often the first time that your inner child  has ever felt that there is a grown-up aware part looking after them. But the moment that it happens your inner child  starts to feel new hope for the future.

There is a wonderful part of YOU inside your heart that has never grown up (and never needs to).

Let’s start  ….

Separate your two systems

       1.Your    Inner child and the Young parts

       2. Your  More aware Grown-up parts

The starting point for all inner child work is to create a clear separation between the parts we call your more aware Grown up side and your younger parts including your Inner Child.

Without this separation nothing can change

Why can’t it change? Because those younger parts are too used to having to handle the most difficult of life’s tasks, so they will immediately see making this change as just another one of their never ending responsibilities.

The more difficult it seems to achieve this separation the more most inner children parts will say to themselves, “This also I must do.”

And as long as that continues there can be no separation and not much that your more aware Grown up parts can do about it.

The five magic words

So to begin you need to learn five magic words.

“This is grown ups’ work”. or “That is grown ups’ work”. You and I will need to say those words many times before their power will become clearer. But for a start say them to yourself right now. “This is grown ups’ work”. “That is grown ups’ work”.

Now check inside and see if that felt as though a younger part of you just  heard those words and wishing they were true so they could hand over the work “That is grown ups’ work”

Or did it feel more like a grown up explaining to a younger  child that “This is grown ups’ work” meaning that she or he, your more aware Grown up parts, are  ready to take over the task.

It doesn’t matter at this point which of the two it felt like. Either way you are starting to develop a sense that within you there are two parts.

For your Inner Child, saying the magic words “That is grown ups’ work” is one of the first keys to his or her freedom. It confirms that she or he is speaking with your more aware Grown up side and can start to hand over the responsibility for fixing so many things and making so many essential changes.

Later on your younger parts including your inner child will learn to add the words “It’s not my job any more!”

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